Comeback Season

It’s back.


Two months into 2018, Student Of The City is making an overdue comeback. The concept has always been there, but the website hasn’t. This time it will be.


For those new to the “Student Of The City”, let me explain what it is.


First let me ask you, how many things have you learned in school? (At any level). Now compare it to the stuff you’ve learned outside of school.


Yeah, it’s no comparison.


I realized that the city teaches you so much more about life than school ever can. You also learn every single day, no days off, no matter what you do. So learning everyday, whether you know it or not makes you a student, right?


But this is the fun type of learning; the type that doesn’t feel like it’s being forced upon you. You do what you can and there’s a lesson to always come out of it. That’s what this website is about. The unwritten lessons that the city teaches you, and growing from it – no matter where you are.


Now, where has it been and why did the website go away?


Great question.


When I first started the website this felt like the best thing to happen to me. I told everyone about it, and then an old high school teacher (ironically) stopped me in my tracks and asked, “yeah that sounds great, but who are you? Why should I listen to you?” which made me realize there’s nothing to my name to talk about this.

So I put the website on hold looking for something that would give me enough life experience to talk about personal growth. I started a business. Since I’m currently writing this and I’m not a millionaire it’s obvious that the idea didn’t work out.


During those two years, I’ve always thought during every obstacle, lesson, and mistake I’ve encountered, “What have I learned from this?” and more importantly, “How can I share that message?” this website was the answer all along.


I’m still looking for that home-run idea that will be successful (and always will be), but while doing that I will use this website to document the highs and lows that come across the process. I will also discuss the different types of motivation that is constantly around us if we look hard enough; whether it may be a movie, song, quote, or even a simple discussion all it needs is a simple perspective change.


You’re probably wondering why would I go through all of this?


It’s simple; it’s all to prove that if a kid from Toronto can reach his goals, so can you. We can all win.


Stay tuned.

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