Movie Review: I, Tonya

Before we jump into this movie review, you’re probably wondering “what’s a movie review doing on a motivational website?”, which is a valid question. If we look into all movies you can see that there’s always a lesson to be learned if you look deep enough into the plot, and that’s what we’ll do. With that being said, I give you the review of “I, Tonya”.

For those who know the story, know that she was painted to be a malicious cheater of the sport and went to any extent to win. For those who don’t know about Tonya Harding, she was a very talented American figure skater who was the first to attempt and land the triple axel (a very difficult move where you jump in the air, spin three times, and land it gracefully).

But none of that mattered because she was always against the judges due to her appearance not fitting in with the “All-American” good girl look. So the people that were closest to her at the time, decided to help her out, unethically. This is where I’ll stop the story so you can watch it to see what happened but also because this is where the lesson in the movie is found.

Your inner circle. 

In the movie, you can see Tonya risk everything from a very young age in order to be the best she can be. The work she puts in is very evident in her skating ability and she keeps getting better and better. But because her negative influence heavily outweighed the positive influences in her life you can see all her hard work unravel right before her very eyes.

Now simultaneously talking about the movie and in real life, your inner circle plays a way bigger role in your life than you can ever imagine, which is why it’s very important to be careful with who you surround yourself with. If you feel like you are in a constant uphill battle for positivity, or the things you desire, it’s time to get a new circle.

No matter how close you are as friends, lovers, family, or anything else you will also see that when things go south people will quickly abandon one another for protection and self benefit. It does suck, but that’s life. So make sure the group of people you surround yourself with uplifts you onto better things and you’ll see your life change in a good way.

Lesson Learned: Choose your inner circle carefully.

Favourite Quote: “Everyone has their own truth and life just does whatever it wants”

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