Let’s Get Physical!

It’s already March, which means a good percent of people who’ve put “Get Healthy” as one of the new years resolutions have probably already given up. Not to be a discouragement but if that’s the reality, it’s cool, it happens to (almost) everyone. I’m also included in that large group of people that continuously fail to meet their fitness goals throughout the year.

An interesting discovery I’ve made is that every time I fail, I find it a lot easier for me to get back into the swing of things because I know what I did wrong all those other times, and find new ways to motivate myself or make it easy for me to attend the gym. I’ve listed the 5 different ways that have helped me get back on track throughout the years, hopefully they will work for you as well (if not better) than they have for me.

  1. There’s always a right time to start – We usually tell ourselves that we need to start our fitness goals on a new year, month, or even week. Truth is that you can start whenever the best time to start is always immediately.
  2. You’re weaker than you think – If you’ve used to have an intense workout and you know you can do that same program again if you tried but it’s become mentally draining to even think about it start with something very easy for you. Some people start with home workouts before going back into the gym, or even use light weights to get your body back into the swing of things.
  3. Break it down – Much like the tip above, people think that working out is this entire life changing experience that needs to be thoroughly thought out which includes meals, intense workout times, counted calories, and endless water; which it is. But don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do all that at once, start with the workout portion first, then diet once you’re ready, and so on, and so forth. Make your life easy.
  4. Challenge yourself – Once I’ve been out of the gym for a very long time and I feel motivated to go again I challenge myself to go to the gym for 30 days straight. I know it seems like it’s counterproductive and can cause injury but the main purpose of it is to show up everyday for the entire month. Some days will be an intense full body workout, while others are just cardio days so I don’t burn out my body. Try this, you’ll see your true competitive nature come out.
  5. Don’t think about it too much – If you start thinking about doing something (not just working out) for an extended amount of time, you’ll start to see that you’re giving yourself excuses that will justify your procrastination so you don’t feel bad about it. Don’t let the idea sit too long or it’ll be a toxic one.

Good luck with these and hopefully you’ll get back on track with your fitness resolutions for the year!

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