A Letter To My Dreams

Usually when talking about dreams, goals, and ambitions it’s not taken seriously because it’s looked at as a small part of who you are, or who you want to be. You’ll always hear “that’s was my dream” or “that will be my goal one day” so once you give up on the given dream/goal it’s easy to move on because it’s only a small part of you.


Try this.


Look at your dreams as a completely new person, with full emotions, and the capability to communicate. Now picture how you’ve been treating that person, someone that’s so reliant on you and won’t see the light of day unless you show them attention. All that neglect, it’ll make you feel horrible. I recently did this and found a list of things I wanted to say to my dreams. I opened up and put them in a letter below. Hopefully it’ll make you want to reflect on how hard you’ve been going towards your dreams.




A Letter To My Dreams

Hey big head,

I know it’s been a while and that’s totally my fault. I’m just going to start by saying sorry off the bat. You probably hate me right now and that’s rightfully deserved. I’m sorry.

I never meant to neglect you for as long as I have. But it wasn’t easy to do so, everything I’ve ever wanted, I found in pursuing you. The ups and downs. No matter how much we’ve failed together we always found a way to bounce right back and we would push even harder the second time around.

When I left in pursuit of a career instead of what we’ve envisioned together, I left you in the “Avenue of Broken Dreams” just like everyone else does with theirs. We aren’t everyone else though. We’ve painted a future together in our heads and promised that we would achieve it, but I wasn’t playing my part.

I would constantly tell lies to myself to make me feel better. That I didn’t really give up and what I was doing was the right thing. But those were just temporary highs. We both knew the harsh reality that my dream chasing had stopped.

You’ve stayed vivid throughout all these years which is exactly what I needed. Since I understand how much you mean to me, it was easy for you to remind me of what I needed to do in order to fulfill our promise together, when I was ready to do that. Well, I’m ready, and they say everyone deserves a second chance but I’m not here to beg for a second chance, I’m here to show you.

Let’s pick this thing up where we left off and continue painting the magic our endless potential offers us.


The Dream Chaser,


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