Movie Review: Black Panther

I know I’m late reviewing Black Panther nearly a month after it’s release, but it just released here in China, so this is the earliest (legal) way I could review this much anticipated movie.

Although I’ve tried hard to avoid social media spoilers until I was able to watch it, it was inevitable that I would find out it was a great and impactful movie. This was a given because it’s a Marvel movie and they haven’t made anything subpar.

While watching this movie I had my eye out for two specific things. One, why did this movie have such a large impact? Also, what could I learn from this movie?

The answer to the first question was easily found. It’s a portrayal of Africans on the big screen in a position of power instead of in need of aid or mercy, which as an African, was refreshing to see. This also motivates me to push harder as an individual towards a positive social contribution so seeing self-reliant Africans isn’t a rare sight.

Before I answer the second question I have to boldly state that THIS IS WHERE THERE’S A SPOILER ALERT. FAIR WARNING. 

The answer to the second question seemed like it was also given to me on a silver platter. Even though there are a lot of gems in the movie, the one that stuck out the most to me was that you need to own up to your mistakes. This isn’t a new lesson to me but it’s always refreshing to see it in a new light so it can serve as a solid reminder. The mistake in this movie took human form in Killmonger and haunted Wakanda for revenge; which shows that this entire fiasco could have been avoided if King T’Chaka had taken responsibility for his nephew, a young Killmonger.

So if there’s anything you’ve put under the rug for too long, I highly recommend that you lift up that rug and take care of whatever’s there so it doesn’t come back to wound you when you least expect it.

This can seem intimidating and it will definitely include a struggle but don’t worry the peace of mind at the end of the tunnel will be worth it.

You got this.

Wakanda Forever.

Fun Fact: The language of Wakanda is a real language called “Xhosa” (pronounced kho-sa) which is spoken in some African countries such as Zimbabwe and South Africa.

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