Internal vs. External Motivation

Motivation works.

Now depending on where you are at your life, the type of motivation that you need can vary. That’s where you need to really look around and analyze what’s going on. If you’re living lavishly with a job that you’re happy with, and a satisfying routine, your motivation to change things will be very low, if there is any at that point.

But, if you’re in a position where you hate anything around your life. It’s more than likely that you would want to change it as fast as possible. Typically this is when you see people make the biggest changes in their life.

That’s because they’re externally motivated.

Sounds weird, but it’s without external motivation it’s likely that most people would be in the same cycle their entire lives and there wouldn’t be any notable accomplishments.

Alternatively, the counterpart to this is internal motivation. Internal motivation is when someone does something because they are pushed for greatness from within, not because they hate their life or anything of that nature but because they know they can do better. This would make the world a better place if everyone had positive internal motivations.

Revisiting your goals and analyzing why you’ve chosen to accomplish these things will make you understand whether you’re driven by internal or external motivations. Although being internally motivated is better, there’s still nothing wrong with being externally motivated as well. Most times, if you are externally motivated, you’ll start to notice a domino effect and start finding internal motivations for the future to pursue.

One way to look at the internal and external motivations is through the wildlife. I’ve heard this example multiple times through motivational speakers and motivational video mashups on YouTube; every time I need a solid reminder of why I’m doing things, this example always helps me out.

In the jungle, you have two types of animals. The hunters and the hunted. Every morning the hunters will search for their food in order for them to survive another day. This is their internal motivation, they have the choice to hunt and will always do it. Whereas the hunted, they mind their business until one of the hunters start chasing them. Now if they don’t run, they’ll die. This is their external motivation to run.

So even though your goals may not be a life and death situation, you still have the choice everyday to be a hunter, or the hunted.

Which one are you?

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