Book Review: The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck

You’re probably done caring too much about things huh?

You just want to be this heartless person that’s about their “grind” and disappear to the rest of the world. Just you, and your close circle.

I applaud you for that; that’s how it should be, I moved looking for that same dream. If there was a starters guide on how to make your heart cold, Manson has presented us with a really good start in this read.

But this book is so more than just that. He talks about why we feel like we need to constantly care about things. Why are we even like that in the first place?

He goes through 9 chapters; all with titles that will make you jerk your head back in shock and disagreement. But if you have an open mind and actually read what he’s saying then it’ll all make sense. During the readings it’ll make you question a lot of social norms you’ve grown up with and thought needed to be true, that’s the beauty of this book, Manson forces you to think against the grain.

He backs up all of his points through exploring real life scenarios where people have done something different from what’s expected and it’s worked out for them. If you’re not ready for this, the book can be a serious reality check that will make you reshape your life.

This book is highly recommended although it has a generous amount of curse words (as you could imagine), but it is still worth the read.

You should definitely read it as soon as possible if you want to change your life.

Or don’t.

I really don’t giv-well you get the point.

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